About Keith E. Ripley (Founder of Temas Actuales LLC)

Keith E. Ripley has been a public affairs/government relations consultant since 1981. He is one of the foremost experts on how international and regional organizations affect the regulatory environment for multinational corporations; he directed two public affairs consulting services focused on that area for 14 years and served as Editor of the 1982-1995 editions of the annual International Organizations Regulatory Guidebook.

First with International Business-Government Counsellors (IBC) and later with Global Business Relations Inc. (GBR), Mr. Ripley advised multinational clients from four continents on regulatory and legislative developments in European and Latin American nations as well as as those regarding the European Union (EU).

In November 1995 Ripley founded Temas Actuales, a specialized government relations/public affairs consultancy focused principally on the Americas.

As part of his Temas work, Mr. Ripley has written and spoken extensively on environmental, health, safety and consumer protection issues in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). He has occasionally written on these issues for such periodicals as Environmental Management, EcoAmericas and Recycling Laws International.

Mr. Ripley is the author of the only known book on the LAC waste situation and its policy responses, including recycling policies and practices, Solid Wastes and Recycling in Latin America & the Caribbean: Trends & Policies.

Mr. Ripley has a Bachelor’s in Latin American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Masters in International Relations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, with an Honors Certificate from the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy.

Mr. Ripley is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.
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' Recycling & Solid Waste Policy
in Latin America and the Caribbean '
by Keith E. Ripley

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