Profiles of LAC Regulatory Regimes for Hazardous Substances

This section contains profiles – “snapshots” – of the evolving regulatory situation regarding hazardous substances in LAC nations. The profiles cover mostly the federal dimension, although in countries where sub-federal jurisdictions play a crucial role (such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico), their impact is discussed as appropriate.

The profiles discuss how the different nations treat such substances not only in terms of their inclusion in products and consumer exposure to them, but also in the context of rules regarding occupational health and safety, chemical accidents, and the transport of dangerous goods. Coverage includes toxics, agrotoxics, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), known/suspected carcinogens, mutagens and corrosives. Some of the specific substances and materials covered include asbestos, benzene, dioxins and furans, PCB and the heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury. etc.).

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Temas Actuales believes that regulatory regimes cannot be considered in isolation from the context of the local realities on the ground, so each profile opens with a brief discussion of the political, governance and economic realities shaping haazrdous substance policy in the profiled country. Most profiles include charts and statistics that are very hard to find in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Profiles also include a handy directory of relevant institutions and their contact information.

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Caribbean Islands Central America Chile
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