Colombia National Air Pollution Regulation on Protection & Control of Air Quality Spanish COLairReg.pdf
Colombia National Air Pollution - Motor Vehicles Decree on the Certification of Compliance of Emission Norms for Automotive Vehicles Spanish COLmvEmisCertDec.pdf
Colombia National Air Pollution - Motor Vehicles Decree on Diesel Vehicle Emissions Spanish COLdieselDec.pdf
Colombia National Air Pollution - Motor Vehicles Decree 2622-2000 - Lead-Free Gasoline Spanish COLdec2262-2000.pdf
Colombia National Biotechnology Regulatory Framework for Living Modified Organisms (implements Cartagena Convention's Biosafety Protocol) Spanish COLdecOVMs.pdf
Colombia National Biotechnology Agreement 00002 of 2002 - Modifies The National Technical Council on the Introduction, Production, Liberation & Comercialization of Genetically Modified Organisms for Agricultural Use Spanish COLagGMOsReg.pdf
Colombia National Biotechnology Resolution - Regulates & Establishes the Procedure for the Introduction, Production, Liberation & Comercialization of Genetically Modified Organisms Spanish COLgmoRes.pdf
Colombia National Biotechnology Resolution - Regulating & Establishing Biosafety Procedures for Genetically Modified Organisms of Interest to Health & Agricultural Production, Their Derivatives & Products that Contain Them Spanish COLbiosafRes.pdf
Colombia National Cleaning Products Decree 1545 on Sanitary Regimes of Quality Control & Vigilance for Household Cleaning & Sanitizing Products Spanish COLdec1545.pdf
Colombia National Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Provision in the Constitution Spanish COLconstCP.pdf
Colombia National Consumer Protection Law Intervening in the Distribution of Goods & Services for the Defense of the Consumer Spanish LEY 73 DE 1981.pdf
Colombia National Cosmetics Decree 219 on Sanitary Regimes of Quality Control & Vigilance of Cosmetic Products Spanish COLdec219.pdf
Colombia National Dietary Supplements General Regulation on Dietary Supplements Spanish COLdietSupReg.pdf
Colombia National Ecolabeling Regulation on the Use of the Colombian Environmental Seal Spanish COLsello.pdf
Colombia National Electromagnetic Fields Decree - Adopts Exposure Limits for People to Electromagnetic Fields, Makes Adequate Procedures for the Installation of Radio-Electrical Stations Spanish COLtcomRadDec.pdf
Colombia National Energy - Biofuels Law 939-2004 - Stimulates the Production & Sale of Biocombustibles of Vegetable & Animal Origin for Use in Diesel Motors Spanish COLley939-2004.pdf
Colombia National Energy - Biofuels MAVDT Resolution on Quality Criteria for Biodiesel Spanish res_1289_070905.pdf
Colombia National Energy - Biofuels 2007 Decree on Measures to Promote the Use of Biofuels Spanish COLbfuelProDec.pdf
Colombia National Energy - Renewables Resolution Designating Clean Fuels Spanish ColResCleanFuels.pdf
Colombia National Energy, Climate Change Resolution 181401-2004 - Adopts the Greenhouse Gas Emission Factor for Energy Generation Projects with Renewable Sources Connected to the National Grid Whose Installed Capacity is Equal to or Less Than 15 MW Spanish COLres181401-2004.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency Guidelines for the Design, Standardization & Efficient Use of Electrical Equipment & Aparatuses Spanish COLeffDesignGlns.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency, Lamps Decree Requiring All Government Offices to Switch to Compact Fluorescents Spanish dec2331220607.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency & Labeling Law Fostering the Rational & Efficient Use of Energy & Promoting the Use of Alternative Energy Spanish COLenerEfficLaw.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency & Labeling Decree Implementing Law on the Rational & Efficient Use of Energy Spanish COLenerEfficDec.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency & Labeliing Resolution Updating the List of Equipment Subject to the CONOCE Program Spanish COLconoceRes.pdf
Colombia National Energy Efficiency & Labeliing Decree 2501-2007 on new Measures to Promote Rational & Efficient Use of Energy Spanish dec2501040707.pdf
Colombia National Environmental Licensing Decree Determining Projects or Works Requiring Environmental License Spanish COLenvLicDec1.pdf
Colombia National Environmental Licensing Decree Implementing Law 99/93 with Regard to Environmental Licensing Spanish COLenvLicDec2.pdf
Colombia National Environmental Tax Incentives Decree 3172-2003 - Implements Article 158-2 of the Tax Statute Spanish dec3172071103.pdf
Colombia National Food & Beverages Decree - Regulates the Activities of Manufacture, Processing, Preparation, Packaging, Storage, Transport Distribution & Sale of Foods Spanish COLfoodDec.pdf
Colombia National Food & Beverages - Sports Drinks Decree on Reference Norms on the Composition, Requirements & Sale of Sports Drinks Spanish COLsportsDrink.pdf
Colombia National Food Labeling Technical Regulation on the Labeling Requirements for Packaged Foods and Food Ingredients for Human Consumption Spanish COLfdLab2005.pdf
Colombia National General Environment Environment Provisions in the Constitution Spanish COLenvConst.pdf
Colombia National General Environment Law 99 of 1993 - General Environment Law (annotated)
Colombia National General Environment Decree 1200-2004 on Instruments of Environmental Planning Spanish dec1200200404.pdf
Colombia National General Environment Decree on Environmental Public Audiences Spanish dec_0330_080207.pdf
Colombia National Hazardous Substances Regulation on the Management & Automotive Land Transport of Hazardous Merchandise by Highway Spanish COLhsTranspReg.pdf
Colombia National Hazardous Waste Law 430-98 Dictating Prohibitive Environmental Norms Regarding Hazardous Wastes Spanish ColLaw430-98.pdf
Colombia National Hazardous Waste Decree on the Prevention & Management of Hazardous Wastes Spanish COLhwDec.pdf
Colombia National Hazardous Waste, Pesticides ICA Resolution 228-2007 on Obligations & Responsibilities Regarding the Denaturalization, Storage, Reformulation & Final Disposition of Dangerous Agricultural Wastes & Inputs Spanish 2007R0228.pdf
Colombia National Hydrocarbons Environmental Quality Criteria of Liquid & Solid Fuels Utilized in Commerical & Industrial Furnances & Boilers and in Motor Vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines Spanish COLfuelEnvCrit.pdf
Colombia National Mining Code of Mines Spanish COLminCode.pdf
Colombia National Ozone Depleting Substances Resolution Adopting Measures on the Importation of Ozone-Depleting Substances Spanish COLodsRes.pdf
Colombia National Ozone Depleting Substances Decree 423-2005 - Measures to Control Exports of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer Spanish COLodsExp.pdf
Colombia National Ozone Depleting Substances Resolution 1652-2007 Prohibiting Imports of Equipment & Products Containing or Requiring for Their Production or Operation Substances Listed in Annexes A & B of the Montreal Protocol Spanish COLodsImpBan07.pdf
Colombia National Packaging Resolution on Phytosanitary Procedures Applied to Wood Packaging Utilized in International Trade Spanish COLwdpkgRes.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Cleaning Products Decree on the Elaboration, Packaging, Storage, Transport & Retailing of Medicines, Cosmetics, Natural Pharmaceutical Preparations, Cleaning Products & Other Household Products (as amended) Spanish COLphCosDec.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics Resolution - Standards Regarding Labels, Packaging, the Use of Stickers and Authorizations of Depletion of Packaging Spanish COLphCosLabPkg.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals Resolution - Criteria for the Classification of OTC Medicines Spanish COLotcPHres.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals Resolution - Advertising of OTC Medicines & Phytotherapeutic Products Spanish COLotcAdv.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals Regulation on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Pharmaceuticals Spanish COLphGMP.pdf
Colombia National Pharmaceuticals Regulation on International Donations of Medicines Spanish COLdonations.pdf
Colombia National Pesticides Cooperation Covenant for Cleaner Production in the Pesticide Subsector Spanish C-Plagui.pdf
Colombia National Pesticides Decree 305-1988 on the Use, Sale & Application of Some Organo-chloride Pesticides Spanish COLorganoChl.pdf
Colombia National Pesticides Resolution 26/2005 Bringing Colombia's Pesticide Registration Rules into Line with Andean Community Rules Spanish 2005R26.pdf
Colombia National Public Health Sanitary Code (Law 9-79) Spanish COLsanCode.pdf
Colombia National Waste Decree Setting Sanitary Regulations Regarding Solid Wastes Spanish COL-1.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Batteries, WEEE Covenant on Environmentally Safe Management of Wastes of the Mobile Telephone Subsector Spanish COLcellConv.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Construction & Demolition Resolution - Regulates the Loading, Unloading, Transport, Storage & Disposal of Rubble, Material, Elements, Concretes & Loose Aggregate, of Construction & Demolition and Organic Cover, Soil and Subsoil from Excavation Spanish COLc&dWas.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Disposal Decree 838-2005 - Final Disposal of Solid Wastes Spanish COLwasDispDec.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Incineration Norms & Maximum Permissible Emission Limits for Incinerators & Crematory Ovens of Solid & Liquid Wastes Spanish COLincinNorm.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Incineration 2004 amendment of the Resolution on Incineration Spanish COLincin2004amd.PDF
Colombia National Waste - Pesticide Packaging MAVDT Resolution on Criteria & Requisites to be Considered for Management Plans for the Return of Post-Consumer Pesticide Products Spanish COLpcidePkg.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Used Oil Resolution Permitting the Combustion of Waste Oil Under Certain Conditions Spanish COLwasOilBurn.pdf
Colombia National Waste - Used Oil 2005 Amendment of the Resolution on Combustion of Waste Oil Spanish COLoilBurnAmd.pdf
Colombia National Wastewater; Economic Instruments Decree - Taxes for the Direct Utilization of Waters as a Receptor of Fixed Discharges Spanish COLwastewaterTax.pdf
Colombia National Wastewater Resolution - Sanitation & Discharge Management Plans Spanish COLpsmvRes.pdf
Colombia National Water Quality Decree Creating the System for the Protection & Quality Control of Water for Human Consumption Spanish dec_1575_090507.pdf
Colombia National Water Quality; Liquid Wastes Decree on Uses of Water and Liquid Wastes Spanish COLh2oqualLiqWas.pdf
Colombia National Water Resources; Economic Instruments Decree 155-2004 - Rates for Water Use Spanish DEC-0155-2004.pdf
Colombia Capital District Air Pollution Norms Regarding Prevention & Control of Air Pollution from Fixed Sources and Protection of Air Quality Spanish BogotaAirNorms.pdf
Colombia Capital District Air Pollution - Motor Vehicles Norms for the Control of Emissions from Mobile Sources Spanish BogotaMVairReg.pdf
Colombia Capital District General Environment General Statute on Environmental Protection of Santa Fe de Bogotá Spanish BogotaEnvStat.pdf
Colombia Capital District General Environment DAMA Resolution - Sets Fees for the Service Charges of Evaluation & Follow-up of Environmental Licenses, Permissions, Concessions, Authorizations & Other Environmental Control & Management Instruments Spanish DAMAfees.pdf
Colombia Capital District Waste - Used Oil DAMA Resolution - Adopts the Manual of Norms & Procedures for the Management of Used Oils in the Capital District Spanish BogotaUsedOil.pdf
Colombia Capital District Wastewater Environment Standards for Liquid Effuent Discharges Spanish BogotaVertimientos.pdf
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