Jamaica National Air Pollution Clean Air Act English JAIairAct.pdf
Jamaica National Air Pollution Air Quality Regulations, 2006 English JAIAirQualRegs.pdf
Jamaica National Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Act English JAIcpAct.pdf
Jamaica National Food & Beverages The Processed Food Act English JAIprocFdAct.pdf
Jamaica National Food, Pharmaceuticals The Food and Drug Act English JAIfdDrugsAct.pdf
Jamaica National General Environment Natural Rources Conservation Authority Act English JAIncra.pdf
Jamaica National Hazardous Waste Hazardous Waste Regulations, 2002 English JAIhwRegs.pdf
Jamaica National Hydrocarbons The Petroleum Act English JAIpetroAct.pdf
Jamaica National Hydrocarbons Petroleum (Quality Control) Regulations, 1990 English JAIpetroQualCntlAct.pdf
Jamaica National Mining Mining Act English JAIminAct.pdf
Jamaica National Pesticides The Pesticides Act, 1975 English pest_act_1975.pdf
Jamaica National Pesticides The Pesticides Regulations, 1996 English JAIpcideAct1996.pdf
Jamaica National Pesticides The Pesticides (Amendment) Regulations, 1999 English 1999JAIpcideAmds.pdf
Jamaica National Waste National Solid Waste Management Act English JAInswa.pdf
Jamaica National WasteWater Natural Resources Conservation (Wastewater and Sludge) Regulations, 2005 English JAIwwRegs.pdf
Jamaica National Water Resources Water Resources Act English JAIwatResAct.pdf
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