Paraguay National Agrochemicals Decree Regulating the Use & Management of Pesticides for Agricultural Use Spanish PYpcideDec2004.pdf
Paraguay National Consumer Protection Law 1334 on Defense of the Consumer & User Spanish PARley1334consumidor.pdf
Paraguay National Consumer Protection Decree Creating the National Integrated System of Consumer Protection (SNIPC) Spanish SNIPCdec.pdf
Paraguay National Consumer Protection Decree - Administrative Procedure for the Substantiation of Summarial Processes in Consumer Defense Matters Spanish PARcpSumProc.pdf
Paraguay National Consumer Protection Resolution Creating the Consumer Association Registry Spanish PARconsNGOreg.pdf
Paraguay National Energy - Biofuels Law 2748 on Promotion of Biofuels Spanish PARbfuelLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Energy - Biofuels Implementing Regulation for the Biofuels Laws Spanish PARbfuelReg.pdf
Paraguay National Energy - Biofuels Rule on the Percentage on Mixtures of Ethanol with 85 & 89 Octane Gasoline Spanish PARethanMixRes.pdf
Paraguay National Environmental Impact Assessment Law on Environmental Impact Assessment Spanish PAReiaLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Environmental Impact Assessment Implementing Regulation on Public Audiences to Law 294/93 on EIA Spanish PAReiaPubAudReg.pdf
Paraguay National Environmental Services Law 3001/2006 on Valorization of & Repayment for Environmental Services Spanish PARenvServLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Food & Beverages Decree on the Sanitary Regsitration of Foods, Beverages & Additives Destined for Human Consumption Spanish PARsanRegFdDec.pdf
Paraguay National General Environment Environment Provisions in the Constitution Spanish PARenvConst.pdf
Paraguay National General Environment Law Creating the National Environment System, National Environment Council & Secretary of the Environment Spanish PYley15612000env.pdf
Paraguay National General Environment Law Sanctioning Crimes Against the Environment Spanish PARenvCrimelaw.pdf
Paraguay National General Environment Resolution Regarding the Procedure for the Summons in which the Commission on Infractions of the Laws to which the Environment Secretary is the Authority of Application, as well as The Imposition of the Eventual Sanctions Spanish PAR05envEnfRes.pdf
Paraguay National Hazardous Substances Decree Creating the National Chemical Safety Commission Spanish PARchemSafComm.pdf
Paraguay National Hydrocarbons Law on the Transport of Gas by Pipeline Spanish PYgasPlnLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Mining Law on the Dominion of Mineral Substances, Phases of Mining & Complementary Activity. Scope of Application, & Enforcement Spanish PARminLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation on the Control of Ozone-Depleting Substances Spanish PYodsDec.pdf
Paraguay National Ozone Depleting Substances Amendment Modifying & Expanding the ODS Regulation Spanish PARodsAmd.pdf
Paraguay National Public Health Sanitary Code Spanish PARsanCode.pdf
Paraguay National Sanitary Control Law 119/97 on Health Products Spanish PARhlthProdLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Sound Pollution Law 1.100/97 on the Prevention of Sound Pollution Spanish PARnoiseLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Waste - Batteries Law on Common Primary Carbon-zinc & Alkaline Batteries & Piles, Noxious to Human Health & the Environment Spanish PARbattLaw.pdf
Paraguay National Water Resources Water Resources Law Spanish PARwatLaw.pdf
Paraguay Asunción Air Pollution Ordinance on Control of Air Polution Spanish AsuncionAir.pdf
Paraguay Asunción Consumer Protection Consumer Defense Ordinance Spanish AsuncionCP.pdf
Paraguay Asunción Waste Ordinance Establishing Norms to Regulate Sanitation and Street Cleaning Services in the City Spanish AsuncionAseo.pdf
Paraguay Asunción Wastewater Ordinance on Control of the Discharge of Urban Wastewater Spanish AsuncionWW.pdf
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