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20 February 2014 Compliance & Risks webinar on “Update on WEEE, RoHS and Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean
23 October 2007 presentation at E-Scrap 2007 conference: "Perspectives on E-Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean"
06 January 2007 article in Tierramerica on “Cell Phones Getting Greener
03 October 2006 guest article in Treehugger:Rotten to the Core? A Guest Blogger Responds to Greenpeace’s New Controversial Report on Laptop Toxicity
Interview of Keith Ripley by the Chilean magazine InduAmbiente regarding waste management and policy in Latin America and the Caribbean
Article in Corporate Environmental Strategy on “Anticipating Change in Latin America and Caribbean Environmental Strategy
KER interview of World Bank’s John Dixon in EcoAmericas on the use of economic instruments in environment policy in Latin America and the Caribbean
EcoAmericas Centerpiece article providing a regional overview of waste/recycling policy initiatives
KER’s regional roundup of Latin American and Caribbean waste and recycling policy news for Recycling Law International
KER presentation at the “Take It Back 2001” conference on “Wastes, Recycling & Take-Back in Latin America and the Caribbean – Or Can You Say ‘Take Back’ in Spanish or Portuguese?
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' Recycling & Solid Waste Policy
in Latin America and the Caribbean '
by Keith E. Ripley

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