Recycling and Solid Waste Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean provides a regional overview of trends and provides country-specific snapshots of 19 LAC nations, nine in detail; has more than 50 tables and charts with statistics on solid waste and recycling in the region; over 100 contacts for follow-up action; and, of course, complete policy analyses. Measures covered include
Product and packaging take-back laws
Extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws
Deposit-return systems
National targets for recovery, recycling and reuse
Minimum recycled content requirements
A quota for glass in beverage packaging
A ban on non-returnable beverage packaging
Compositional bans or restrictions
Buy-recycled public purchasing laws
Industry covenants
Design-for-environment requirements
Landfill bans
Tax breaks for purchasing recycling equipment, using recycled materials in production processes and/or having
    recycled content in products
Requirements that supermarkets and/or shopping centers serve as packaging buy-back centers
Marking requirements to indicate materials and/or recyclability
Environmental labeling requirements
Municipal selective collection programs
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' Recycling & Solid Waste Policy
in Latin America and the Caribbean '
by Keith E. Ripley
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