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  • About Keith R.


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    Keith founded Temas Actuales LLC, a specialized consultancy focused principally on the Americas. The main focus of Temas has been environmental, health, safety and consumer protection issues in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). He is the author of the book “Solid Wastes and Recycling in Latin America & the Caribbean: Trends & Policies.” He serves as moderator for the Environment Forum on He writes/speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Keith fundó Temas Actuales LLC, una asesoria especializada centrada principalmente en las Américas. El foco primario del trabajo de Temas ha sido asuntos del medio ambiente, salud, seguridad y defensa del consumidor en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC). Es autor del libro “Residuos Sólidos y el Reciclaje en América Latina y el Caribe: Tendencias y Políticas.” Sirve como moderador para el Foro Ambiental en Escribe/habla inglés, español y portugués.

    Solid Wastes & Recycling in Latin America & the CaribbeanKeith fundou Temas Actuales LLC, uma assessoria especializada centrada principalmente nas Américas. O foco primario do trabalho de Temas tem sido os assuntos do meio ambiente, saúde, segurança e defesa do consumidor em América Latina e o Caribe (ALC). É autor do livro “Resíduos Sólidos e a Reciclagem em América Latina e o Caribe: Tendências e Políticas.” Serve como moderador para o Foro Ambiental em Escreve/fala inglês, espanhol e português.

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    6 Responses to “About Keith R.”

    1. David Leventhal Says:

      Keith, came across your website when doing some research on sustainable developments and read your post about Steve Case’s development down in Costa Rica. Would like to engage you in a dialogue about our new project – Happy New Year, David

    2. Keith R Says:

      David, I am always open to dialogue, especially when a project looks as interesting and unusual as yours. Let’s talk.
      Happy New Year,
      Keith R

    3. John Myers Says:

      Estimado Keith- I was doing research on the Caribbean Challenge and arived at el blog de los Temas. I enjoy the blog and am glad to have found it. I currently work for TNC and am preparing for a meeting in Miami where we will be refining our conservation strategies and developing an implementation plan for the Challenge.

    4. Julia Botero Says:

      I am a reporter for the radio program The Green Planet Monitor. I am searching for potential stories on development issues in Medellin, Colombia. Specifically I am looking for development projects involving Canadian NGO’s. I wanted to ask for you assistance. Please let me know if you can suggest any names of organizations, or stories I should consider.

    5. Francesco Says:

      We are looking for a wind power farm developer, great beach area available in brazil. Please get in touch with us, sincerely


    6. Maurizio Scarciglia Says:

      Dear Keith,
      I am an Italian architect and urbanist living and working in Rotterdam NL, where I founded a few years ago my office, NAUTA architecture & research.
      While making some research on tourism developments in the world, I came across your interesting blog, where I found precious information about sustainable tourism.

      I am currently writing a book called \Beyond Luxury\, which will talk about the evolution through history of tourism facilities and resorts.
      I will focus on the change of ideology and goals, bases of the design of those complexes since Roman time till nowadays.

      It is my interest to publish in the book some abstracts of your articles published on this blog, as critical issues to rise debate and further thinking over the development of the resorts.

      I would like to ask you how to handle the copyright issue over the text and of course, if you like, any opinion and suggestion over my story. I take the opportunity to thank you for the interesting and important information that I found on your blog, which became for me a very important base for part of the book content.

      Maurizio Scarciglia

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