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    Announcing the Temas Reading List

    By Keith R | May 11, 2007

    Topics: Air Quality, Biotechnology, Climate Change, Economics & the Environment, Energy & the Environment | No Comments »

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    From time to time here on The Temas Blog, I have referred to books, studies, etc. having been added to the Temas Recommended Reading List. Perhaps a few of you even sought out the link for this list in the “Temas Tools” section on the righthand column, or even went looking on the main Temas Actuales site wondering if it was tucked away somewhere there. Either way, you didn’t find it and may have wondered if I was speaking metaphorically, or had become delusional.

    No, the list really exists and I’m not delusional (yet).

    I had started the list last summer, intending it to be included in a massive overhaul of the main site scheduled for release in September 2006. When I started the blog, I expected the list to be up and running within weeks, so I felt free to refer to the list, thinking I could add the link in a week or two. For reasons I won’t go into here, that site overhaul didn’t happen as scheduled and it’s unclear when it will be finalized.

    I’ve finally decided to utilize that incredibly flexible tool, the WordPress blog software, to finally bring to you, dear readers, what my site designer has been sitting on for months. It may not be as pretty as originally conceived, but hopefully it will prove just as useful to you.

    What is the List and Why Check it Out?

    There are countless books these days on environmental issues, but few actually addressing the formulation and application of environmental law and policy, fewer still those focusing on doing so in a manner and context relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and rare indeed are the ones worth reading. How to find these last ones?

    There are fewer still materials on biotechnology, consumer protection, public health or occupational safety and health relevant to LAC nations, and many of these are not easy to find.

    Well, enter the Temas Blog to make it easier for you to find those useful materials.

    A Work in Progress

    You can find the introduction and Table of Contents to the Recommended Reading List at this link.

    Be forewarned, this is a work in progress. So far I only have the first six sections up and activated, but I hope to get most of the rest done in the next few days, so check back for new direct links to those pages. The direct links to the first six standalone pages are as follows:

    Most of these have a short summary, often with my observation about their utility. A few don’t yet have it, because I have not had time to write it out. But I will!

    Rest assured, if I include it on the Temas list, I thought it was useful for some reason. There are plenty of books/studies/reports about or relevant to LAC that I left off this list because I felt they brought few useful insights and/or little value-added information and analysis.

    Still to be posted are sections on: consumer protection; environmental governance; environmental law; hazardous substances; health policy; industry; mining; transport; urban environment; wastes; water; and “other” (anything I find hard to usefully classify!).

    A Work to be Constantly Updated, Improved

    If you have any books you’d like us to add to this list, contact me with your suggestions, either through a comment on this post or by email. It does not matter if the book is in English, Spanish or Portuguese. I read/write/speak all three, and most Temas readers read/speak/write one or more of these.

    Authors/publishers, you are welcome to send me a review copy, but I do not guarantee I will post a review. I’ll try to at least read the material, though, but whether I can find time to write up and post a review is another question altogether.

    Also, if you feel strongly one way or another about the reading recommendations, please leave a comment or contact me. Feedback welcome! I’m always looking to improve my output.

    — Keith R

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