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    Climate Change Country Profiles for 17 LAC Nations

    By Keith R | November 23, 2008

    Topics: Climate Change | No Comments »

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    The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the School of Geography and Environment at Oxford University have generated country-level studies of climate observations and multi-model projections for 52 developing countries, 17 of them in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

    For each country there is a report that contains a set of maps and diagrams illustrating the observed and projected climates of that country as country-average timeseries’ as well as maps depicting changes on a 2.5° grid, and summary tables of the data. A narrative summarises the data in the figures, and places it in the context of the country’s general climate.

    A dataset for each country containing the underlying observed and model data in text format is also made available for use in further research.

    The direct links for the LAC country reports are:

    Antigua and Barbuda (low res, hi res)
    Bahamas (low res, hi res)
    Barbados (low res, hi res)
    Belize (low res, hi res)
    Cuba (low res, hi res)
    Dominica (low res, hi res)
    Dominican Republic (low res, hi res)
    Grenada (low res, hi res)
    Guyana (low res, hi res)
    Jamaica (low res, hi res)
    Mexico (low res, hi res)
    Nicaragua (low res, hi res)
    Saint Lucia (low res, hi res)
    St. Kitts and Nevis (low res, hi res)
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines (low res, hi res)
    Suriname (low res, hi res)
    Trinidad and Tobago (low res, hi res)

    In the coming days, I will be taking a t look here on The Temas Blog at the projections in these profiles for climate change impact on the various nations.

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