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    Development and Climate Change

    By Keith R | August 22, 2008

    Topics: Climate Change, Economics & the Environment, Environmental Protection | No Comments »

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    Bridge in Guatemala broken by storms (source: ECLAC)The World Bank has been working on what it calls a “Strategic Framework on Climate Change and Development” (SFCCD). The Bank is concerned that

    developing countries and the poorest communities are likely to suffer earliest and the most” from global climate change. It has the potential to reverse the hard-earned development gains of the past decades, and impede the progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), such as eradicating poverty, combating communicable diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

    “An effective response to climate change must combine both mitigation—to avoid the unmanageable—and adaptation, to manage the unavoidable.” Yet most developing countries (such as those in Latin America and the Caribbean) are ill-equipped to undertake adaptation, and “some analyses show that they may face bigger losses in GDP from certain global mitigation policies than the industrial world.”

    The SFCCD lays out how the Bank can best help developing countries “access additional financial resources, technology, technical assistance and knowledge, and effectively use those in their national, regional, and local policies and programs so as to reconcile development needs with climate risks and constraints.”

    The Bank has been holding consultations on its draft Framework. Phase I, completed in July, involved over 70 countries and more than 1,800 individual stakeholders. Phase II, starting now, is a full-fledged public consultation. You can download individual chapters and post comments directed at each at this webpage, or download the entire PDF and then send in comments.

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