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    Biofuel in Barbados?

    By Keith R | August 23, 2007

    Topics: Biofuels, Energy & the Environment | 2 Comments »

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    click to go to Barbados Free PressIf you’re not familiar yet with Barbados Free Press but care about the West Indies, you should check out BFP.  Sometimes quirky, but always entertaining and usually informative, BFP loves to disclose and comment provocatively on what the island’s traditional press reports timidly or sometimes not at all.  And there’s always many, many comments to their posts — discussion that counts among blogs’ most lively, and many times discusses the issues at hand with greater depth than the national parliament.

    No, this is not a paid ad or review for BFP.  Instead, it is a recommendation to read a new post they have about a suppressed report from consultants hired by the European Union (EU) to assess the viability (technical, economic, environmental, etc.) of switching Barbados’s sugar production to that of sugar-based ethanol.  When the consultants turned in a draft that said it was a bad idea, the Barbados government insisted on changes favoring ethanol production.   That sparked a behind-the-scenes conflict, resulting in — well, I won’t steal their thunder.  Check out “Secret European Union Reports Slam Barbados Ethanol Plan.”

    — Keith R

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    2 Responses to “Biofuel in Barbados?”

    1. biofuelsimon Says:

      If developing countries are going to grow their biofuels industries, they will need to be able to convince donors that the money will be going to the right place. Donors have a duty to the people who fund them, that this is happening. Audits with aid would help ensure transparency and confidence between donor and recipient.

    2. Ethanol is not always good, in Barbados | The Big Biofuels BlogThe Big Biofuels Blog Says:

      […] off (and a deep bow) to Keith Ripley on the Temas Blog, who’s post on his excellent blog, pointed me in this […]

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