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    Greener Cell Phones?

    By Keith R | January 13, 2007

    Topics: Electronic/Electrical Equipment, Environmental Protection, Hazardous Substances, Waste & Recycling | No Comments »

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    Last weekend while catching up on my reading I ran across an article in TierrAmérica entitled “Cell Phones Getting Greener.” Its gist is that that the European Union’s (EU) RoHS Directive will result in cell phones with less toxic material circulating in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that more and more end-of-life (EOL) phones in the region are being collected.

    I recommend the article, and not only because it’s well-written. Also because I am one of the people interviewed for it. Yes, I’m not above shameless self-promotion!

    Seems that the Canadian writer preparing the article, Stephen Leahy, had read two entries here on The Temas Blog, “The Other Side of the Cell Phone Revolution,” and “Major Cell Phone Recycling Deal for Brazil,” and thought I might be able to help with his piece.

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