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    Guadalajara Building Keeps Cool by Design

    By Keith R | January 6, 2007

    Topics: Design for the Environment (DfE), Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection, Green Building | 5 Comments »

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    The specially designed Guadalajara office buildingJust read about this very interesting experiment in “sustainable office building design” in Guadalajara, Mexico. The office building was designed by Catalan architect Carme Pinos, in part with a view to providing a way to keep the occupants cool year-round in sunny Guadalajara without (energy-sucking) air conditioning.

    Read all about it at the Myninjaplease Architecture blog.

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    5 Responses to “Guadalajara Building Keeps Cool by Design”

    1. ock Says:

      And it just so happens that it (link/photos) comes from my favorite site. Cool stuff!

    2. Keith R Says:

      You do indeed have a cool blog. I only just discovered it. Welcome to The Temas Blog! I hope you come back often. BTW, if you come across and/or feature more sustainable building design examples from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), please let me know at the email address here (link is at left on the horizontal nav bar) and I’ll be happy to mention it on my blog and send people your way.

      Best Regards,

    3. aroeng Says:

      It’s nice to know the out-of-the box thinking in design that improve the way we live

    4. Craig Says:

      Wow. Interesting design. I love seeing new concepts brought to life. Will definitely be keeping an eye on the progress.

    5. The Hairy Beast Says:

      Ok it’s a cool building, granted. But did anybody else notice that it looks like a “Drake’s Devil Dog”standing on end?


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