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    Human Pressure on the Amazonian Rainforest

    By Keith R | January 16, 2007

    Topics: Conservation, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Forest Use | 3 Comments »

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    click to go to National Geographic's online interactive map on the Amazonian rainforestI’d like to recommend reading this month’s edition of National Geographic. It contains an interesting and well-done piece on human pressures on the Amazonian rainforest. An excerpt is available free online, but to read the entire article you have to buy the print edition. Also available online are some terrific photos, and a interactive version of one of those great National Geographic maps that supports the article.

    Also worth reading is the 2006 study done by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Brazil’s Amazon Institute of Man and the Environment (Instituto do Homen e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia – Imazon) on which much of the National Geographic article is based, Human Pressure on the Brazilian Amazon Forests (English) or Pressão humana na floresta amazônica Brasileira (Portuguese). Also available are an English and Portuguese executive summary.

    click to download English PDF of the WRI/Imazon reportThe report key findings were that:

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    3 Responses to “Human Pressure on the Amazonian Rainforest”

    1. Craig Mackintosh Says:

      Ugh! The lengths we will go to to maintain our lifestyle! And now they want it too! We’re really ‘leading’ the way, huh.

    2. Keith R Says:

      Hi Craig. Welcome to the Temas Blog. I’m honored to have you visit and comment — I’m a fan of your blog. Very thought-provoking, well-written. I’ve printed out the entries you linked, I want to read them over carefully, sort my thoughts and then maybe I’ll “join the conversation” about them at your blog. I hope likewise this is only the visit of your visits here and that you will not be shy about commenting.
      Best Regards,

    3. Craig Mackintosh Says:

      Hey Keith – thanks for the welcome! Yes, please do pop over and let us know your thoughts. I shall certainly drop by again too. 🙂

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