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    In Ethanol, as São Paulo Goes, So Goes Brazil?

    By Keith R | May 10, 2007

    Topics: Biofuels, Energy & the Environment, Environmental Protection | 1 Comment »

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    Serra announcing Special Bioenergy CommissionThe Governor of São Paulo State (SP), José Serra, recently announced the creation of a high-profile “Special Bioenergy Commission” to map out where the State goes in the production of “clean and renewable energy” in coming years. Within six months (i.e., before the end of October) the Commission is provide the Governor with an action plan, complete with specific goals, to guide the many SP secretariats, agencies, institutes, foundations, enterprises and other entities in which the state has a controlling interest.

    Although a chief focus of the action plan will be bioenergy derived from sugarcane (primarily ethanol), the Governor wants the Commission to consider all bioenergy forms for which SP is well-suited for producing without damaging the environment.

    Serra thinks such planning is critical if bioenergy development is to be done right. “We need to bring together all the analyses and studies in order for us to have an orientation for São Paulo and even for Brazil,” he declared while announcing the panel’s creation. Because, he points out, some 75% of all Brazil’s sugarcane-based ethanol exports come from SP soil. [He didn’t say it outright, but he implied a variation on the old General Motors saying about “where GM goes, so goes the US”: where SP decides to go on biofuels, the rest of Brazil must follow.]

    The Commission is to be chaired by the ex-State Environment Secretary, former federal Energy Minister and longstanding ethanol supporter (sometimes called “the father of Brazilian ethanol”), José Goldenberg. The Commission members will be:

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    One Response to “In Ethanol, as São Paulo Goes, So Goes Brazil?”

    1. Peter Hurrell Says:

      Perhaps the comments I made in respect of using the Biomass contained within Municipal Solid and Liquid Waste could be added here.

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