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    ISO 14001 Certifications in LAC Nations

    By Keith R | September 26, 2006

    Topics: Environmental Protection | No Comments »

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    ECLAC/CEPAL’s Annual Statistical YearbookI recently perused the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean’s (ECLAC, or CEPAL in Spanish) annual statistical yearbook to decide whether or not to add it to the Temas Recommended Reading List. Yes, I admit it, I do enjoy browsing things like statistical tables and atlases.

    In this case, I was glad I did because it has an entire chapter on data related to the environment among LAC nations. The includes information on such categories as forest cover, land use, protected areas, energy consumption, consumption of ozone-depleting substances, greenhouse gas emissions, and pesticide use.

    Among the data tables are two dealing with certifications in LAC nations of company conformity with the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) environmental management standard, ISO 14001. For those of you not familiar with ISO 14001, the ISO has a “basics” explanation of what the standard covers and how it is applied.

    One of the CEPAL tables lists the number of certifications per country up includes through 2004. I already had most of these figures through 2005 from ACNielsen’s annual ISO survey, so this was not new. But the second table interested me: ISO 14001 certifications in LAC nations up through 2004 per gross domestic product (GDP), a measure that gives some sort of feel for how much weight such certifications carry in each nation’s economy. Because of its greater size (in area, population, number of firms, etc.), Brazil would of course have more total certifications than Chile, but when one compares the number of certifications to market size, it is apparent that ISO 14001 has achieved greater market penetration in Chile than in Brazil.

    I provide here the tables for (1) ISO 14001 certifications per country 1995-2005; (2) the ECLAC/CEPAL table on certifications per GDP. If you click on each of these thumbnails, it will display a larger version of the data tables. Enjoy!

    ISO 14001 Certifications in LACISO14001 Certifications Per GDP in LAC Nations

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