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    LAC Nations Debate Renewable Energy

    By Keith R | September 21, 2006

    Topics: Biofuels, Energy & the Environment, Environmental Protection, Renewable Sources | 1 Comment »

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    Comunicacion Ambiental blog article on renewable energyThe Argentine environment blog “Comunicación Ambiental” published yesterday a good summary (in Spanish) of the discussions in the Third Annual Regional Forum on Renewable Energy now underway in Buenos Aires.

    Read the entire article at this link.

    For those who do not read Spanish, the Forum discussed the progress (or lack thereof) in meeting the commitments set at the 2004 Bonn Summit on renewables. [If you wish to review the commitments specifically made by Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) nations, click this link.]

    Hugo Altomonte of the UN Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC/CEPAL) noted the commitment made by Brazil to hydroelectric and biomass, the US$55 million fund Mexico has created for investing in renewable energy projects, and Central America’s efforts to coordinate international aid to renewable energy projects in that subregion.

    Gerardo Honty of the Centro de Estudios Uruguayos de Tecnologías Apropiadas (CEUTA – Center for Uruguayan Studies of Appropriate Technologies) expressed reservations about the Brazilian biomass program, worried that it might accelerate deforestation in that country.

    Mónica Servant of Argentina’s national Energy Secretariat discussed the subsidy program for renewable energy projects generating under 15mW.

    Daniel Bouille of Fundación Bariloche outlined a sensible principles for a sustainable renewable energy policy:

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    One Response to “LAC Nations Debate Renewable Energy”

    1. new illuminati Says:

      Excellent points. Biomass can only be seen as a VERY short term solution to maintaining the existing fleets of destructive transportation systems. It is no solution to our more pressing environmental problems (which it exacerbates), which require far more innovative technologies.
      Keep up the Great Work!

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