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    Legislators from the Americas to Meet on Climate Change

    By Keith R | September 9, 2008

    Topics: Climate Change, Environmental Protection | No Comments »

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    From the World Bank:


    Mexico will host the first Forum of the Americas of the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE) about climate change, to be held on November 21 and 23, 2008. The Forum will take place at the premises of the Mexican Congress a week before the United Nations summit in Poland scheduled for the first week of December.

    The Forum of Legislators of the Americas will gather 70 legislators of the region, including Canada and the United States, but also ministers of energy and the environment from Mexico, Latin America and England and key international experts. Additionally, GLOBE announced that during the Forum it will publicly launch the Committee on Ecosystems and Soil Management, which gathers legislators from the G8 countries and Mexico, Brazil, China, India and South Africa. Members of parliament from these countries will be present in Mexico.

    Adam Matthews, GLOBE’s Secretary General; Terry Townshend, Director of Policy Development for the same organization headquartered in London, Great Britain; together with Sergio Jellinek, the World Bank’s Communications Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, held several preparation meetings last week with representatives of all political parties from the Congressional Commissions on the Environment and National Resources, Energy, and Agriculture and Husbandry, including the President of the House of Representatives, Representative César Duarte Jáquez, Representative Emilio Gamboa Patrón, Coordinator of the PRI’s Parliamentary Group; and Representative Héctor Larios, Coordinator of the PAN’s Parliamentary Group. By mutual agreement of the members of parliament, the initiative is led by Representative Mariano González Zarur, President of the Competitiveness Committee and active member in the dialogue on climate change organized by GLOBE since 2005 with the support of COM+ – Alliance of Communicators for Sustainable Development.

    “Mexico is in a dire situation because of global warming, causing Congress to name climate change a national priority. We are not only proud that GLOBE chose Mexico to host such an important meeting, but also will give all our support to ensure that it is a success,” said Representative César Duarte, President of the House of Representatives and member of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).

    On his part, Adam Matthews added that “the Forum of the Americas is a unique opportunity to highlight the role of the Americas in the search for solutions for a post-2012 international scenario. Mexico can play a key role as a bridge between developing nations and wealthy countries,” referring to a future accord that will replace the Kyoto Protocol, ending in 2012.

    Legislators like Representative David Maldonado González (from the Partido Acción Nacional – PAN), President of the Committee on Energy; Representative Ramón Félix Pacheco Llanes (from the Partido de la Revolución Democrática – PRD), Secretary of the Committee on Energy; and Representative Diego Cobo Terrazas (from the Partido Verde Ecologista de México – PVEM), President of the Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources; and Representative Héctor Padilla Gutiérrez (from the Partido Revolucionario Institucional -PRI), President of the Committee of Agriculture and Husbandry, agreed on the urgent need –as highlighted by GLOBE– to create a world market for carbon dioxide emissions; a technological fund aimed at speeding up technology transfers to developing countries; and the development of a set of market incentives to reduce deforestation.

    The Forum of the Americas —organized by the Mexican Congress and GLOBE— is particularly relevant given the agreement reached during the GLOBE Legislators’ Forum G8+5 (Brazil, Mexico, China, India and South Africa) held in Tokyo in June. This was a preparation meeting prior to the G8 Summit in Hokkaido, where more than 100 legislators from major industrialized and developing countries reached a consensus on the guiding principles of a post-2012 frame agreement on climate change.

    Such an agreement was the result of an open debate among the delegation from 13 countries and includes the views from entrepreneurs, international organizations, and the civil society. The agreement proved to the leaders of the most powerful nations that a fair accord can be reached among rich countries and developing countries based on the recognition of their differences.

    The Forum of the Americas has set out the following goals:

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