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    The Need for Better Reef Protection, Part I: Why Should I Care?

    By Keith R | September 2, 2006

    Topics: Marine/Coastal Issues | No Comments »

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    Although my snorkeling experience is limited, and I’m only just now learning to scuba dive, and I have never worked on reef protection issues in my job, even I had some idea of the beauty and value of coral reefs and the pressures facing them. But in the process of preparing a blog series on the reefs of the Dominican Republic for the Green Team, I learned much, much more about their importance and what is happening to them in all the Americas, and have become convinced that more needs to be done to increase awareness, promote responsible behavior and yes, adopt, implement and enforce appropriate policy responses.

    It helps, too, to have my teenage son come back from his first diving camp (with the Scouts) in the Florida Keyes to lecture me on the importance of the reefs and how even the US is not doing enough to protect them. 🙂

    Before discussing specific projects, organizations and policies, though, how about a primer on reef protection generally and the reefs of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in particular, and generally what the average person can do to help? In part I of this “primer,” I examine why it is important to protect coral reef systems, what sort of things threaten their survival. In Part II, I look at what coral reefs LAC has, what condition they are in currently, and a brief overview of what currently is being done to protect and/or rebuild them. In Part III I’ll provide “eco-tips” on how divers, snorkelers and the average reader can help. Later blogs will look at what groups are working on the reef issue in the region, which international agencies are helping, and what governments are (and are not) doing. More Than Just Beautiful - Biodiverse, Economically Important, the Source of New Medicines, and Protective of Fisheries, Coastlines, Wetlands

    The Importance of Protecting Coral Reefs

    Things That Threaten Coral Reef Health

    — Keith R

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