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    Trash Photos X: A Stunning Christmas Tree Made with Recyclables

    By Keith R | December 11, 2006

    Topics: "Trash Photos" Series, Environmental Protection, Personal Choices, Waste & Recycling | 2 Comments »

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    Hope you are not yet tired of pictures of the creative way people are taking everyday used recyclable material and turning them into Christmas trees and decorations. I just found this one, and it’s stunning!

    The 64-year old Brazilian grandmother who decorated this tree did so with used wrapping paper, yogurt cups, PET bottles and plastic beverage can rings. The only thing decorating not a reused material, she claims, is the ribbon, which she already had a supply of in the house.

    She put the decorations together with used materials found around the house, she says, in order to teach her four grandchildren (ages 2-5) about reusing materials. “I find it’s not enough for the school to talk to them about reusing materials. We need to teach it at home. I want to teach my grandchildren that [Christmas] is not just about buying everything.”

    She has taught them how to make their own tree ornaments, and wants to teach them how to make their own toys too. In this way, she hopes, in the future the kids will grow up associating used wrapping paper, yogurt cups and such with Christmas and the fun of making decorations, and not simply as trash to be forgotten and tossed aside.


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    2 Responses to “Trash Photos X: A Stunning Christmas Tree Made with Recyclables”

    1. Galli Says:

      More people should find the time and inspiration to get creative with recycling. Keep the good blogging coming.

    2. Keith R Says:

      Thanks GGSS. I’ll never be as productive and varied a blogger as you, though. How on Earth do you manage to produce 3 blogs???

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