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    A Computer Waste Bill for Rio Grande do Sul

    By Keith R | October 2, 2009

    Topics: Electronic/Electrical Equipment, Waste & Recycling | 2 Comments »

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    A bill on information technology (IT) waste has been introduced in the state legislative of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) that is similar to a law adopted in 2008 by its neighbor, Paraná.

    The bill would require producers, distributors and vendors of “informatic equipment” to create and maintain programs for their recovery, recycling and destruction at the end of product life.   As in the PR law, “informatics” is not defined, but in Latin America the term usually refers to computers, other IT equipment and their peripherals.  Unless the bill is amended to define the term, the scope will be left to the discretion of the state regulatory authority.

    All these firms would be required to make collection services for end-of-life (EOL) equipment available in their establishments in RS.  Upon receiving equipment, the firm would have to record an “entry note” for the item, a copy of which would go to the State Environment Secretariat (SEMA) for enforcement purposes.  The collected items must be passed on to the appropriate manufacturer or distributor, which would issue a “recovery note” to the collecting firm.

    As readers of The Temas Blog know by now, this is hardly “an isolated case” within Brazil. Fact is, several states already have e-waste clauses in their general waste laws, Paraná, São Paulo (SP), Mato Grosso (MT), and the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (MRJ) already have adopted e-waste laws; several state legislatures (see here, here and here) are now contemplating e-waste bills; a bill has been introduced in the national congress that would require all computers, computer components and IT equipment sold in Brazil to be 95% recyclable; Brazil’s technical standards body, ABNT, has created a study group to elaborate national norms based on the European Union’s (EU) Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive (English, Portuguese); and Brazil’s National Environment Council (CONAMA) has created a working group to draft binding rules on e-waste.

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    2 Responses to “A Computer Waste Bill for Rio Grande do Sul”

    1. Lorean Carlos Says:

      I agree and I support this bill that was created in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul I think this law should extend not only to this state, but all states of Brazil. Because electronic waste is not recycled in Brazil and is thrown away in the streets.

    2. Artur Moraes Says:

      This is a very useful bill for today, mainly because computer equipments are almost a part of everybody’s life.
      I am in a situantion where I don’t know what to do, I have three PCs before the actual, but all of them are stored in my attic, just hanging in there, gathering dust but I can’t just throw them away, because they are old and ruined and maybe have something that can damage the environment.
      If at least we had some recycling unit near to my town it would help to know what to do, for now, I can just wait the PCs gather more dust and see what the government can do for me and averybody that have some old equipments at home.

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