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    A WEEE Bill for Amazonas

    By Keith R | September 26, 2009

    Topics: Electronic/Electrical Equipment, Waste & Recycling | 2 Comments »

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    This week Amazonas (AM) became the latest state in which a bill on  “technological trash” (lixo tecnologico or e-lixo) – the Brazilians nickname for what is known elsewhere as WEEE or e-waste — has been introduced. Unlike bills recently introduced in the northeastern states of Bahia and Pernambuco, which are based primarily on a Law on computer-related waste passed in 2008  in the southern state of Paraná, the AM bill instead appears to copy the WEEE law adopted in June by São Paulo (SP).

    As with the SP law, the AM bill primarily targets computer components and peripherals, monitors and televisions, energy accumulators (batteries and piles), and magnetized products. It imposes nearly identical extended producer responsibility (EPR), collection, reuse/recycling and labeling obligations to the SP law, so I will not repeat them all here — instead please check out the post about the SP law.

    The AM bill is notable not only because it mimics SP’s law, or because it is the first state-level WEEE bill among Brazil’s western states, and as such if passed, it likely will influence neighboring states on this topic.  The bill is also notable because AM is a very important production center for electronics in Brazil, particularly in the Manaus Free Zone (Zona Franca de Manaus – ZFM) next to the state capital. As such, theoretically AM could be better placed to handle recycling of electro-electronic equipment (EEE) and components than most Brazilian states, particularly in the Manuas metropolitan area (beyond this area the limitations of the state’s transport infrastructure might impede collection/recycling efforts). This may explain why a bill on computer waste (based on the law recently adopted by the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro) also has been proposed in the Manaus city council.

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    2 Responses to “A WEEE Bill for Amazonas”

    1. Arthur Says:

      Encouraging the creation of the bill that aims to recycle electronic products is very important for all states, not only the Amazon and a few others mentioned in the text, because this type of garbage cannot be treated like any other.

    2. Breno Nogueira Says:

      I think this law is very important, because we can recycling electro-electronic equipment. And it is very good, because we are going to decrease our costs in this area and decrease the the electronic trash. With the creation of this law will influence anothers states to have the same attitude, helping growing to help our planet.

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