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    What the Other Guy Blogs About: Amazon Film Festival; Arguments for Breastfeeding

    By Keith R | August 1, 2007

    Topics: Climate Change, Environmental Protection, Health Issues | 1 Comment »

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    It’s been awhile since I did a post pointing to worthy posts on other blogs. Not that there hasn’t been plenty of good material to point to, and I certainly have wanted to do a slew of such posts. In fact, I’ve been considering adding a regular (weekly?) link post such as Leila has started (“Weekly Compactor”) over at Everyday Trash or Craig has with “Friday Linkfest” at Celsias. Question is, what to call it and how frequently should I have it? All suggestions on either point welcome. I also would welcome suggestions for posts from other blogs to include in such a feature.

    For the moment, though, let me suggest two posts from today’s fare. One is from Energy Refuge, a blog about alternative energy and related environment news. It discusses Cineamazônia, an annual environmental movie festival held in Boa Vista, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rondônia (the YouTube video featured here covers last year’s festival). The theme for this year’s edition of the festival later this year is “global warming,” and they are inviting submissions. Read about it at Energy Refuge.

    A second involves breastfeeding. When I posted earlier today on World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) in the Americas, I should have included the type of information Tracy does in her post on WBW over at Ecostreet, a fine enviro-blog I check out frequently. Tracy argues that breastfeeding not only makes sense in terms of the baby’s health, but also in environmental terms. Check out her reasoning; she makes very good points.

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    One Response to “What the Other Guy Blogs About: Amazon Film Festival; Arguments for Breastfeeding”

    1. Leila Says:

      Hey Keith, I’ve nominated you for a Blogging for Positive Global Change award!


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