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    World No-Tobacco Day in LAC: Brazil Targets Teens, Adopts Brutal Images

    By Keith R | June 7, 2008

    Topics: Health Issues, Tobacco Control | Comments Off on World No-Tobacco Day in LAC: Brazil Targets Teens, Adopts Brutal Images

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    Brazilian How did Brazil celebrate World No-Tobacco Day (May 31)?

    With assaults on tobacco and smoking from many sides, and some of them hard-hitting.

    This year’s theme selected by the World Health Organization (WHO) for this year’s Day was “Tobacco-Free Youth.” Most of Brazil’s activities followed the theme directly. One was a new publicity campaign of posters (such as the one at right – click to enlarge) to be plastered on public spaces (including buses and subways) everywhere and television and radio spots that tells youth that if they start smoking they will lose their free will and come under the spell of tobacco manufacturers. The campaign is called “Fique esperto, começar a fumar é cair na deles” (“Be Smart — Staring Smoking is Falling Under Their Control.”) The header of the poster at right roughly translate as “When you start smoking the feeling of liberty gradually diminishes.”

    A second front of the campaign was a special program on “TV Escola” (the education television channel piped into school classrooms across the country), produced in cooperation with the Education Ministry (MEC), about the health problems caused by consuming tobacco products.

    Brazilian A third front was a special website for youth created jointly by the National Cancer Institute (INCA) and the National Anti-drug Secretariat (SENAD). The opening portal is designed to resemble a video game control console (see image at right, click on the image to go directly to the site) so as to be more attractive to young visitors.

    A fourth was a 30-second anti-tobacco public service ad “Juventude livre do tabaco” (“Tobacco-Free Youth”) targeted at youth shown in theaters belonging to the Luiz Severiano Ribeiro cinema chain in nine (Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo.) of the 14 cities that the chain serves (wonder why not all 14?). You can view the video below. The chain donated the time for the PSA.

    Last but far from least was a new series of pictures that must be featured on all cigarette packs on a rotating basis along with the health warnings. This is the first time that the Health Ministry and INCA have updated the pictograms since 2004. The new pictograms were the product of a two-year development and selection process involving five Brazilian agencies and based on a scientific study of the reactions to the candidate pictograms from 212 Brazilian youth, smokers and non-smokers, aged 18 to 24. The images were picked as the ones most likely to scare youth into not smoking or quitting if they had already started.

    The images are, in a word, brutal. Not for the faint of heart. Click on each of the thumbnails below to see a larger version (if you dare!).

    The interesting question to watch over the coming months will be how many other LAC nations adopt similar pictograms. Some of the 2004 Brazilians versions were used as the inspiration/models for those in other nations, such as Chile.

    The New Brazilian Cigarette Pack Images...

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