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    IDB Targets $3bn for Biofuels / BID apoyará proyectos de biocombustibles con US$3.000 millones / BID apóia projetos de biocombustíveis com US$3 bilhões

    Monday, April 2nd, 2007

    From the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB): IDB targets $3 billion in Private Sector Biofuel Projects President Moreno announces planned investments in ethanol and biodiesel production, technical assistance for Central American countries, and a $300 million Green Energy Program Calling biofuels a “transformative opportunity” for Latin America and the Caribbean, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno detailed […]


    A Sustainable Energy Plan for Barbados?

    Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

    In an earlier article, I looked at the sustainability of Brazil’s long-range energy plans. Today I examine Barbados’ recently announced 20-year plans. The government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur recently presented to Parliament a ambitious draft national energy plan that has numerous environmental elements in it. While some have applauded its stated intentions — reduction […]


    Colombia’s Ecopetrol Getting into Biofuels / Ecopetrol Invierta en Biocombustibles

    Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

    English synopsis: Colombia’s hydrocarbons company, Ecopetrol, has announced a decision to invest US$23 million in a biodiesel production plant next to its refinery at Barrancabermeja. The plant will utilize palm oil and Ecopetrol expects it to enter production in the first quarter of 2008, providing biodiesel mixtures up to 5%. Desde Ecopetrol: Inversiones de US$23 […]

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