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  • Temas Reading List: Environmental Law

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    González Márquez, Dr. José Juan. La responsabilidad por el daño ambiental en América Latina. UN Environment Programme (UNEP/PNUMA) series Derecho Ambiental, No. 12.  Spanish.  2003.  120pp.

    This book examines current systems in LAC nations – administrative, civil and penal – for applying responsibility for environmental harm, and the case for establishing a special environmental responsibility regime.  It also examines (1) the process problems presented by trying to apply a regular civil regime to responsibility for environmental harm; (2) the question of reparations for environmental harm; (3) possible solutions to handling reparations – environmental insurance, special taxes, or reparation funds.


    López Ramos, Magistrado Neófito. Resúmenes de Sentencias Judiciales en Materia Ambiental. UNEP series Derecho Ambiental, No. 11.  Spanish.  2003.  156pp.

    This book summarizes key environmental court decisions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.  It also includes discussions of (1) the Johannesburg Summit (“Rio+10”) Principles on Sustainable Development the Function of the Law; (2) obstacles to the use of the Mexican Constitution in enforcing environmental law.


    UNEP & World Conservation Union (IUCN/UICN). De Rio a Johannesburgo: Perspectivas del Derecho Ambiental en Latinoamérica. Spanish.  2002.  316pp.

    This book is a series of essays divided into two parts.  The first examines changes in national environment laws in six LAC nations: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.  The second section tackles major themes: biosafety; intellectual property and access to genetic resources; the management of exotic species; trade and the environment; climate change; Law of the Sea; integrated management of water resources.


    Martínez, Isabel. El Acceso a la Justicia Ambiental en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, México y Venezuela Durante la Década de 1990. UNEP series Derecho Ambiental, No. 10.  Spanish.  2000.  79pp.

    This book has two basic parts: the first is a comparative analysis of the mechanisms for access to environmental justice in the six nations covered (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela); the second is a brief summary of important environmental judicial decisions in the six.  The book concludes with a very brief list of recommendations for improving access to environmental justice in Latin America.



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