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    Nonna, Dr. Silvia.  Guía de la Regulación Normativa Provincial Argentina Sobre Residuos Peligrosos.  Published by the Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro.  Spanish.  2002.  Contact:

    This little-known book is probably the best guide to Argentina’s complex weave of provincial laws and regulations on hazardous wastes.  For years the head of Argentina’s Hazardous Waste Registry, Dr. Nonna knows the subject intimately and explains it clearly.  The book is divided into two main sections: the first is a general discussion of the national regime regarding hazardous wastes; the second discusses the provincial role generally, and then what each province has done.  There are also two pages of reflections, and annexes containing the texts of nine provincial laws on the subject.


    Cortinas de Nava, Dr. Cristina.  Hacia un México sin Basura: bases e implicaciones de las legislaciones sobre residuos.  Published by the National Chamber of Deputies delegation of the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM).  Spanish.  2001.  433pp. 

    Dr. Cortinas previously was in charge of Mexico’s waste policy, so she writes on the topic with great authority.  This book effectively made the case and outlined the approach for a law that eventually became reality just a few years later.




    Compromisso Empresarial para Reciclagem (Cempre).  Lixo Municipal: Manual de Gerenciamento Integrado.   Portuguese.  2000.  246pp.  Cost: R$35.  Contact Cempre:

    This is the second edition of a comprehensive 1995 guide that served as the model for similar guidebooks printed in Uruguay and Venezuela, and reportedly is being used by the World Bank as the template for a general guide for developing countries.




    Cempre Uruguay.  Residuos Sólidos Urbanos – Manual de Gestión Integral.  Spanish.  1998.  332pp. 

    This is the Uruguayan version of Cempre’s manual, derived from a melding of the first edition (1995) of the Cempre manual, the 1997 manual produced by Venezuela’s Association for the Defense of the Environment and Nature (ADAN) in the same vein (see below), and PAHO’s 1996 analysis of the waste sector in Uruguay.




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