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    Don’t Be Shy!

    By Keith R | June 7, 2008

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    Key to making this blog more useful, informative and readable for you is feedback. For some reason, I tend to get few (non-spam) comments on the posts and pages of Temas. If that’s because you’re reticent about making public comments, suggestions, recommendations critiques or criticisms, no problem, send me a message privately!

    If it’s a question of the time or trouble involved, or remaining anonymous, you can still provide helpful feedback. One way is to rate the individual posts you read, by clicking on the star rating placed at the start of each post (1 star = low, 5 stars = high), and/or submitting it to Digg, Stumbled Upon or Hugg or Dhitt (buttons for each are at the start of each post) or picking one or more of the social bookmarks found at the end of each post.

    I would also appreciate your participation in the poll in the righthand sidebar. Be honest! In that particular poll, you can pick up to two options. [By the way, many posts will now feature polls — I hope you’ll vote. Suggestions for future poll topics welcome!]

    Thank you! ¡Gracias! Obrigado!

    — Keith R

    One Response to “Don’t Be Shy!”

    1. RANGARAJAN A L Says:

      Very good natural photography you have it here my friend – i wish I could visit all these places.

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