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    Five Things You Should Know about Me

    By Keith R | January 16, 2007

    Topics: Uncategorized | 8 Comments »

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    My friend Katia "tagged me" for the "5 things" meme.  While I never intended to make this blog so "personal," I'll play along this once because minha amiga Katia é muita amável.

    OK, five things to know about me:

    1. De nascimento norteamericano…  I was born and raised in small town USA, although I have always been so international oriented that some people wonder if I am joking when I tell them that.
    2. …de casamento dominicano…  I have been married for over 20 years to a dominicana.  I love the DR and my Dominican family and friends.  Very warm people.  I lived in Santo Domingo four years — a real lesson in patience and adaptation.  But like any time spent living abroad, I learned almost as much about myself as I did about the culture in which I was immersed.
    3. …mas do coração, completamente brasileiro.  I first visited Brazil in 1979, when I spent a summer there.  I have been in love with it, its people, its music, its foods, its literature, its culture, tudo brasileiro ever since. 
    4. Many of my current passions have been with me most of my life.  I got a hernia at age six hauling a heavy Royal typewriter around the house because I wanted so much to write.  I started learning and doing reports about Latin America in junior high (now called middle school).  Started recycling and exploring environment issues in high school.  Have been interested in languages as long as I can remember, although I am still limited to English, Spanish, Portuguese and a smidgen of French.  But plan to learn a couple more.
    5. Favorite beverages:  non-alcoholic: either Cafe Santo Domingo or any cafezinho I have while in Brazil; alcoholic: beer, either a good Belgian trappiste or the DR's Presidente, bien fria, a ceniza

    Here's the five people I want to "tag":

    Ricardo of Ricardo's Blog, founder of the Latin America Blogroll;

    Mark of Ecoiron, probably the best blog source on all green computing issues;

    Galli Galli Sim Sim of wonderfully snarky Pass Green Gas;

    My friend and fellow Green Team member "Chiri" of The Chiri Chronicles, a great blog about living in Santo Domingo;

    Fellow "garblogger" Leila of Everyday Trash, a great blog about all things linked to waste. 

    Katia, you now owe me a choppWink


    8 Responses to “Five Things You Should Know about Me”

    1. Katia Says:


      Loved learning about you! This meme is so much fun 😀

      Ok, I owe you a chopp! If you’re in NY, let’s go out for one.

      You know, it’s funny that you said that about NY… I actually live in San Diego, CA, BUUUT will be moving to NY next week. Funny huh?

    2. Keith R Says:

      Que seja bem-vindo ao Temas Blog, minha amiga. I thought you told me before that you lived in NYC — my bad! Wow, from San Diego (a great city I would love to visit again) to NYC — now, that’s culture shock! LOL I lived there for 3 yrs during the 1980s, it was okay, but not my cup of tea. We do visit often, as much of my wife’s family now live in the NYC area. So I look forward to that chopp!
      Um abraço,

    3. The Chiri Chronicles Says:

      Five things to know…

      Tagged by Keith…

    4. Eliane Says:

      Hi, Keith!

      Lovely post, I’m amazed… really interesting facts, you’re truly a “citizen of the world”. Nice to meet you, prazer em conhecê-lo!

      I’m Brazilian too, and got here trough Katia’s blog. 🙂

    5. Keith R Says:

      Que seja bem-vindo, Eliane, minha amiga do Latin American Blogroll. Let me take this opportunity to say that I very much like your site, Latinaviva.

      I am not truly Brazilian by birth or blood, in that I was not born there nor were my parents Brazilians. But it I love it so that some of amigos brasileiros joke that I must have been Brazilian in my prior life. 🙂 That’s why I say I am brasileiro do coração. BTW, if I recall, you live now in Uruguay, another country I very much like and whose people have always treated me warmly. I pass through Montevideo on business nearly every year — maybe we can meet sometime. Seria um prazer introduzir-me.

      Um abraço,

    6. Eliane Says:

      Thanks, Keith!

      You’re right, I live in Montevideo. In fact, I was born here. My father is Brazilian, and my Uruguayan mom lived with him in Brazil. She came here to visit her parents, and I was born during the visit. She went back home when I was 1 month old. So, I grew up in Brazil – and, like you, I’m “brasileira de coração”. “De corpo e alma”, as we say.

      I would love to meet you – anytime. Just let me know when you’re coming… and we can “tomar unos mates” 😀 Mate is spanish for “chimarrão”, a typical beverage from the South on Brazil. Do you know it?

      Anyway, I love Brazilians – of any kind – and I love bloggers. So, it will be lovely to meet you! 🙂

    7. Keith R Says:

      Eliane, of course I know maté — at least the Argentine version, anyway. I confess I have not yet had it while in Uruguay, so I look forward to it. I don’t have dates set for my annual business trek through South America, but soon as I do I’ll let you know, ta?
      Um abraço, Keith

    8. Eliane Says:


      Solo te pido que no te olvides de mi! 😉

      Besos, Eliane

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