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    Why? Porque?

    By Keith R | March 10, 2007

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    My blogfriend Katia has done it to me again — tagged me for a blog meme. I could (legitimately) protest that The Temas Blog is supposed to be about the issues and not about me, but what can I say, I have a soft spot for cute and amável Brazilian ladies that offer me a chopp (Portuguese for draft beer)!

    So here I am responding to her tag on “5 Reasons Why You Blog.” Before I begin, let me just point out that much of this is detailed in the “Welcome to the Temas Blog” entry, in English, Spanish and Portuguese no less.

    1. I couldn’t find anything like The Temas Blog on the web. Plenty of good blogs out there on environment issues, a few on health issues, very few on consumer protection issues (why is that?) and a handful of good ones focussed on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), but none that combined them all in one place.
    2. I want this blog (and to be the places people first think to look when they have an environment, health or consumer policy question regarding LAC. May not be there yet, but I’m working on it!
    3. I want to expose you the reader to interesting and positive things going on in the region that you may not have known about, hopefully change the way you look at the region, maybe get you excited about learning more.
    4. I want to meet/connect to other people who are interested in these issues, who are willing to discuss and dialog about them, and who knows, maybe in the process work together to promote solutions and resolutions.
    5. I myself often wonder why I blog! Okay, I am a writer, so I do enjoy writing, and this is good “exercise.” But no one (yet) is paying me to blog this stuff and as much time and energy as it consumes, it seems more like an addiction or obsession.


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