GEO Reports

"GEO" was the acronym for "Global Environment Outlook" prepared by the United Nations Environment Programm (UNEP) in the mid-1990s. After the success of that global report, it was decided to do a series of assessments/outlooks at the sub-global level using a similar format and methodology, with each report an open, collaborative effort between governments, civil society, experts, academics, etc. Reports were produced for each major region of the globe, one for most countries, a number for major cities (and others willing to take the project on) and a few for states, provinces, and other groups (such as the Greater Metropolitan Area -- "GAM" -- of Costa Rica's capital, San José.

The Global report has seen its fifth edition released in 2012, and the third edition of the regional report for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) was released in 2010. In LAC subregional reports have been produced for Amazonia, the Andean countries, Central America, the English Caribbean and MERCOSUR. A slew of reports also have been released for LAC cities.

As more GEO reports are added or updated, we'll add the links here. If you find any of these links broken, please let the webmaster know through our contact form.


GEO Latin America & the Caribbean (2000)    2003 Update    2009 Update


GEO Amazonia (2009)
GEO Andean Community (2003)
GEO Caribbean (2005)
GEO Central America (2004)


GEO Argentina (2004)
GEO Bahamas (2005)
GEO Barbados (2000)
GEO Belize (2010)
GEO Brasil (2002)
GEO Brasil - Water Resources (2007)
GEO Chile (2009)
GEO Costa Rica (2002)
GEO Cuba (2008)
GEO Dominican Republic (2010)
GEO Ecuador (2008)
GEO El Salvador (2002)
GEO Guatemala (2009)
GEO Haiti (2010)
GEO Honduras (2005)
GEO Mexico (2004)
GEO Nicaragua (2007)
GEO Panama (2009)
GEO Peru (2004)
GEO St. Lucia (2006)
GEO Uruguay (2009)
GEO Venezuela (2010)


GEO Goiás (2002)


GEO Arequipa (2005)
GEO Asuncion (2008)
GEO Bogotá (2003)
GEO Buenos Aires (2003)
GEO Canelones (2009)
GEO Cartagena (2009)
GEO Ciudad de Guatemala (2008)
GEO Ciudad de México (2003)
GEO Ciudad de Panamá (2007)
GEO Colonia (2009)
GEO Cordoba (2010)
GEO El Alto (2008)
GEO Georgetown (2010)
GEO Greater Metropolitan Area of San José (2006)
GEO La Habana (2004)
GEO Lima & Callao (2005)
GEO Manaus (2002)
GEO Montevideo (2004)
GEO Puerto Montt (2010)
GEO Querétaro (2008)
GEO Quito (2011)
GEO Rio de Janeiro (2002)
GEO Rosario (2008)
GEO San Salvador (2008)
GEO Santiago (2004)
GEO Santo Domingo (2007)
GEO São Paulo (2004)
GEO Trujillo (2011)
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' Recycling & Solid Waste Policy
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