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NIMBY not in my back yard
NOM Official Mexican Norm
NOx nitrogen oxide
OAS Organization of American States
ODS substances that deplete the ozone layer
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development
OECS Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
OLADE Latin American Energy Organization
OPS Pan American Health Organization
OSH occupational safety & health
OTC over-the-counter
PAHO Pan American Health Organization
PANDRH Pan American Network for the Drug Regulatory Harmonization
Parlatino Latin American Parliament
Pb lead
PBA Province of Buenos Aires
PC polycarbonate
PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls
PE Pernambuco (Brazil); polyethylene
PET polyethylene terephthalate
PFCs perfluorocarbons
PGR Attorney-General of the Republic (Brazil)
PIC prior informed consent
PL legislative proposal
PLS Senate legislative proposal
POPs persistent organic pollutants
PP polypropylene
ppm parts per million
PPP polluter pays principle
PR Paraná (Brazil)
PRTR Pollutant Release and Transfer Register
PROFEPA Federal Environment Prosecutor (Mexico)
PV Green Party (Brazil)
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PVEM Green Party of Mexico
R$ Reals (Brazilian currency)
R&D research & development
RedBIO Technical Cooperation Network on Plant Biotechnology
REDD Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation
RETC Registry of Contaminant Emissions & Transfers (Chile, Mexico)
REMEXMAR Mexican Network for the Environmental Management of Wastes
RIA environmental impact statement/report
RJ Rio de Janeiro
RM Metropolitan Region (Metro Santiago, Chile)
RN Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)
RoHS restrictions on hazardous substances
ROLAC Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean (UNEP)
RS Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
RSU urban solid wastes
SAICM Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
SAyDS Secretariat of the Environment & Sustainable Development (Argentina)
SC Santa Catarina (Brazil)
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
SEGIB General Secretariat for the Iberoamerican Conference
SEIA System of Environmental Impact Studies (Chile)
SELA Latin American Economic System
SEMARN Secretary of State for the Environment & Natural Resources (Dominican Republic)
SEMARNAT Secretariat of the Environment & Natural Resources (Mexico)
SERNA Secretariat of Natural Resources and the Environment (Honduras)
SESPAS Secretary of State for Public Health & Social Attention (Dominican Republic)
SFM sustainable forest management
SICA Central American Integration System
SIDA Swedish International Development Agency
SIDS small island developing states
SISNAMA National Environment System (Brazil)
SLM sustainable land management
SMEs small & medium-sized enterprises
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' Recycling & Solid Waste Policy
in Latin America and the Caribbean '
by Keith E. Ripley

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