Climate Change Communications

Here are direct links to the reports submitted by LAC nations to the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). known as "national communications."

Since all LAC nations are non-Annex I parties, the content and periodicity requirements for their reports are less stringent. But, as the UNFCCC Secretariat puts it: "The core elements... are information on emissions and removals of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and details of the activities a Party has undertaken to implement the Convention. National communications usually contain information on national circumstances, vulnerability assessment, financial resources and transfer of technology, and education, training and public awareness..." Information on specific policies and measures taken to address climate change are required in national communications from Annex I parties, but not necesssarily from non-Annex I (i.e., LAC) parties.

The Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela have yet to submit their second communication, but most of the rest of LAC have and are working on their third, with the notable exceptions of Uruguay, which has already submitted its third and Mexico, which has submitted its fifth. This page will be updated as they submit their new reports. Please note that some countries provide their report in multiple languages.

NOTE: If you are looking for studies on climate change impacts or adaptation strategies involving LAC, check out our Temas Recommended Reading List section on climate change.

Antigua & Barbuda -   First (2001, Eng.)    Second (2011, Eng)    Third
Argentina -   First (1999) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2008, Span.)   Third
Bahamas - First (2001) (Eng. Span. Frn.)    Second    Third
Barbados -   First (2001, Eng.)    Second    Third
Belize -   First (2002, Eng.)    Second (2012, Eng.)    Third
Bolivia -   First (2000) (Eng. Span.    Second (2009, Span)     Third
Brazil -   First (2004) (Eng. Span. Port.)    Second (2010) (vol. 1 - Eng. Span. Port) (vol. 2 - Eng. Span. Port)    Third
Chile -   First (2000) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2011) (Eng. Span.)    Third
Colombia - First (2001, Span.)    Second (2010, Span.)    Third
Costa Rica -   First (2000, Span.)    Second (2009, Span.)    Third
Cuba -   First (2001, Span.)    Second    Third
Dominica -   First (2001, Eng.)    Second (2012 Eng.)    Third
Dominican Republic -   First (2003, Span.)    Second (2009, Span.)    Third
Ecuador -   First (2000) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2012) (Eng. Span.)    Third
El Salvador - First (2000) (Eng. Span.)   Second   Third
Grenada -   First (2000, Eng.)    Second    Third
Guatemala -   First (2002, Span.)    Second    Third
Guyana - First (2002, Eng.)    Second (2012, Eng.)    Third
Haiti -   First (2002, Frn.)    Second    Third
Honduras -     First (2000, Span.)    Second (2012, Span.)     Third
Jamaica -   First (2000, Eng.)    Second (2011, Eng.)    Third
Mexico - First (1997) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2001, Span.)    Third (2006) (Eng. Span.)    Fourth (2009, Span.)    Fifth (2012, Span.)
Nicaragua -   First (2001, Span.)    Second    Third
Panama -   First (2001, Span.)    Second (2012, Span.)    Third
Paraguay -   First (2002) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2011, Span.)    Third
Peru -   First (2001, Span.)    Second (2010, Span.)    Third
St. Kitts & Nevis - First (2001, Eng.)    Second    Third
Saint Lucia -   First (2001, Eng.)    Second    Third
St. Vincent & the Grenadines -   First (2000, Eng.)    Second (2012, Eng.)    Third
Suriname -   First (2006, Eng.)    Second    Third
Trinidad and Tobago -   First (2001)    Second    Third
Uruguay -   First (1997) (Eng. Span.)    Second (2004, Span.)    Third
Venezuela -   First (2005, Span.)    Second    Third
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